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        Medical Spanish and Introduction to Evidence Based Tropical Medicine - Elective in Costa Rica
        International Medical Students Clinical Rotation for Senior Medical Student - Elective in Costa Rica
        Coming to Costa Rica? You need this useful information!
        Advice to IHCAI participants: answers the most frequently asked questions!
        Central America & Caribbean Spanish Branch of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre
        Successful Mid-Year Meeting of Cochrane Collaboration was held in Panama City (March 30 to April 5 - 2014)
        Join us to the XXIv Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul, Korea - 2016 (23-27 October)

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More info about MEDICAL SPANISH course at: http://www.ihcai.org/Medical_Spanish_Course.htm 


International Health Central American Institute

IHCAI Foundation has its headquartes in San Josť, Costa Rica, Central America.

IHCAI Foundation is an equal opportunity organization and do not make

any preference by gender, race, sexual orientation or political opinions

and rejects those openly racist oriented.


IHCAI - Main Office

P.O. Box 1677-2100, San Josť, Costa Rica,
Barrio Escalante, San Jose, 7th Avenue, 35 and 37 Street, #3530

Tel:  + (506) 2234 6354 l + (506) 2234 9339  l + (506) 2226 3047

Email: info@ihcai.org