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What is IHCAIís Mission?
We Use Knowledge...
We generate new, and harness existing, knowledge to address the complex and difficult challenges of health care and access to health information by professionals and health consumers.  We focus on reducing the disproportionate burden disease of poor people. Our major areas of work are research skill development, critical appraisal, analysis and translation of scientific knowledge into professional health care practice and community use We focus on the Medical Education and health professionalsí curriculum to enhance the future professionalsí competences and incorporate new knowledge and technology for improving the efficacy and effectiveness of new continuous medical education for current professionalsí   improvement in order to improve the future and current physicians and health professionalsí competences.
We Are Global. We live the globalization process...
While we do not--and cannot--have a presence everywhere, we want work intensively in Central America. We base our work on the benefits of globalization. However, our work recognizes and addresses the negative aspects of globalization such as injustice, inequalities and exclusion of many groups in the region. This exclusion encompasses basic sources of income and access to the benefits of knowledge, science and technology resulting in new forms of exploitation, trade patterns and consequently new diseases related to ecological damage and poverty. We collaborate in regional and international networks. We share our experience with other countries in South America, Africa and other developing regions. We also collaborate with partners in high income countries who have shown a genuine interest and affirmative actions for contributing with our mission, programs and tasks. 

Health is a reflection of a societyís commitment to equity and justice.
Health and human rights should prevail over economic and political concerns.
Ravi Narayan Coordinator
Peopleís Health Movement Secretariat
International Health Central American Institute

IHCAI Foundation has its headquartes in San Josť, Costa Rica, Central America.

IHCAI Foundation is an equal opportunity organization and do not make

any preference by gender, race, sexual orientation or political opinions

and rejects those openly racist, Nazi or Neo Nazi oriented.


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P.O. Box 1677-2100, San Josť, Costa Rica,
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