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Finalizó con éxito la fase de capacitación del recurso humano del

Plan de Cooperación entre la Sala Constitucional de Costa Rica y la Colaboración Cochrane,

con el apoyo del Instituto del Banco Mundial



El viernes 6 de Junio del 2014 finalizó con éxito la fase uno del Plan de Cooperación entre la Sala Constitucional de Costa Rica y la Colaboración Cochrane, denominada "Formación del recurso humano", que permitirá a Costa Rica ser el primer país en utilizar de forma sistemática la medicina basada en evidencia (MBE) en sus procesos de rendición de cuentas judiciales. La charla central del cierre estuvo a cargo del Juez Brasilero del Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Martin Schulze.


Esta iniciativa se realizó gracias al apoyo técnico y financiero del Instituto del Banco Mundial a través de la iniciativa sobre priorización, equidad y mandatos constitucionales en salud denominada SaluDerecho. Invitamos al público interesado en este tópico a suscribirse en esta importante iniciativa en:


Toda la capacitación se realizó en las instalaciones de la Fundación IHCAI en San José de Costa Rica y contó con la activa participación de 17 letrados (abogados asistentes de los magistrados) de la Sala Constitucional y médicos de medicina legal del Poder Judicial.


En la foto /

Instructores: Mario Tristan, Tjitske Vreugdenhil, Cinthya Agüero y Yuri Baidal.

Letrados y médicos: Cinthya León Barquero, Silvia Leiva Méndez, Olman Rodríguez Loaiza, Chris Barahona Ramírez, Carlos Cordero Vargas, Sigrid Morales Carrasco, Josette Bogantes Rojas, Pablo Navarro Villalobos, Maricruz Barquero Kepfer, Haideer Miranda Bonilla, Max Vargas Céspedes, Laura Arroyo Castro, Álvaro Cabezas Gutierrez, Alejandra Montero Solano, Luis Roberto Ardon Acuña, Silvia Fernández Mora y Micxy Trejos Romanini.


¿Qué es la iniciativa de colaboración SaluDerecho?



Cooperación Técnica entre la Sala Constitucional de Costa Rica y la Colaboración Cochrane


Ponencia de apertura con participación de:

Dr. Mario Tristán, Director General de Fundación IHCAI y Centro Cochrane de Centroamérica y El Caribe.

Dr. Gilbert Armijo Sancho, Presidente de la Sala Constitucional de la República de Costa Rica.

Dr. Ernesto Jinesta, Magistrado de la Sala Constitucional de la República de Costa Rica.

Dr. Leonardo Cubillos-Turriago, MD MPH – Senior Health Specialist - The World Bank Group.Washington, DC - USA.

Successful Mid-Year Meeting of Cochrane Collaboration

was held in Panama City (March 30 to April 5)


Under the convener topic: "PATIENT CENTERED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM: THE 21st CENTURY CHALLENGE", the Organizing Committeed led by IHCAI Foundation (headquarters of Cochrane Central America & Caribbean Spanish Branch of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre), brought together experts from fourteen different countries who will be discussing the following topics at the Symposium:


The meeting was very productive and some very relevant announcements were made for the future of the organization.

For example, the process of redefining the image of Cochrane for the future began. Also the Plan 2020, including positioning Cochrane as a knowledge platform multilingual and open access were consolidated.

It was also place XIII Iberoamerican Cochrane Meeting and Symposium and the XVll Conference of Scientific Committee of the Panama Medical Students Association.

We want to thank, in particular to ESBCO HEALTH / DynaMed ( )for their support as a sponsor.

The event website is available in:


IHCAI Foundation become official partner of Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE)

S4BE is a growing global network of students from around the world, from school age to university, who are interested in learning more about evidence-based healthcare (EBH).

Read more about this initiative supported by the UK Cochrane Centre at:

We we are sure that a change in the educational paradigm is needed. This change arrives with initiatives like S4BE. This inspiring video about “changing education paradigms”, made by The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) in 2010, successfully communicates the rationale of change.


IHCAI Foundation participates in MASCOT project (FP7)

The main objective of the MASCOT project – Multilateral Association for Studying Health Inequalities and Enhancing North-South And South-South Cooperation – is to stimulate the cooperation between countries from 3 world regions (Europe, Africa, and Latin America) in order to identify and implement adequate and efficient country-specific strategies for tackling health inequalities preferentially affecting children, adolescents and mothers.
We are very pleased to inform that the October 1, 2011 is the official start date of the MASCOT project presented jointly by a consortium of partner organizations in Europe, Latin America and Africa. IHCAI Foundation is responsible for the development of a critical cross work package of this project which is funded by the European Economic Community within the Framework 7.


More info at:

Cochrane Consumer Network (CCNet)

Copyright © The Cochrane Collaboration

A nine-minute video featuring members of the Cochrane Consumer Network describing how they work together and contribute to improve health care in communities around the world.
Claudia Cattivera an Argentinean patient started the initiative for working with other patients, and providing information for patients prepared by patients, she has proposed a very interesting road for advocating for patients rights and changing the patient doctor relationship working along with health professionals.
She and other collaborators are building the Spanish-speaking branch of CCNet, IHCAI Foundation is very committed with Claudia Cattivera and “Pacientes Online” initiative, this is other of our priorities.


PIE Newsletter

Copyright © Boletin PIE

A review of the use of folic acid to prevent neural tube birth defects, a health policy successfully implemented by several countries, has proved beneficial to the collective health of their populations by more than 30 years. This is an initiative run by the IHCAI Foundation and Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires, with the support of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network (IBC) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). This initiative has as one of its goals, strengthening the development of research and their use in the healthcare decision making. He is co-funded by the Wellcome Trust Engagement Programs and is presented in Spanish at:


 International Conference EVIDENCE / BIOETHICS

IHCAI Foundation co-organized and co-hosted with the Universidad Nacional - Costa Rica the International Conference EVIDENCE / BIOETHICS - 2008. The event succesfully had 18 countries, 48 organizations and more than 300 participants.  The proceedings are now on line.  Click here!


International Health Central American Institute

IHCAI Foundation has its headquartes in San José, Costa Rica, Central America.

IHCAI Foundation is an equal opportunity organization and do not make

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