P06: International Health Community Based Clinical Rotation for pharmacy students

The pharmacy student will have the opportunity to interact with peers and patients in the health
system of Costa Rica. Practice your Spanish, know how the system is organized, understand
the advantages and limitations of a different context. This educational and cross-cultural
experience has been highly appreciated. Rotation spots available in the first and third levels of
care, in the capital and in provinces.

Online application available at: https://forms.gle/UUxM7oizgHUXRxyNA

This rotation is designed to give the student the opportunity to participate in the activities of the health team in the primary care network of Costa Rica. The goal of the International Health Elective is to offer students an opportunity to learn about health and healing with a more global perspective by living and working in another country. Students will have the opportunity to live in a new and different culture, usually with little of the technical and medical facilities he or she is accustomed to using. The student will have a chance to see a different way of organizing health care to achieve good results in the health situation of the population, as is the case in Costa Rica. The resources that are taken for granted in the developed countries like USA, Canada and Europe may be lacking at times. The students have an opportunity to be of service to the community and to broaden their thinking about future medical practice.

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Additional information on this course is provided upon request: info@ihcai.org


The application form is available online at our homepage. Please read the information on the form carefully and make sure you fulfill all the requirements as indicated. Please submit your application registration form once you are sure that you will be doing the program. If you need more information please contact us at info@ihcai.org we will be very pleased to assist you.

After complete your application you go to be oriented by the IHCAI Foundation Staff about the documents you need to present before your arrival according to the Costa Rican Health System regulations, like a copy of your passport, your personal resume, Immunization proof and others.

The application form can be completed online at P06: International Health Community Based Clinical Rotation for Pharmacy Students

When the student completes the online application, IHCAI Foundation system would send a confirmation message. Please read this message very carefully because some changes may occur.

More information about How to Apply at: How to Apply