P010A: The Latin Spanish Patient in the Environment of Tropical Medicine

The following programs are provided by IHCAI – For all clinical rotations, a fluent
command of Spanish is essential. If you need to improve your medical Spanish, we highly recommend you consider the P010A program that consists of an intensive Spanish medical course.

Medical Spanish course available https://forms.gle/xsvkuyPWEhZtSz1F7

Costa Rica.Intensive Medical Spanish Course and Introduction to the tropical medicine.
Duration: four weeks.

For medical students of all levels.

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10 reasons why our medical Spanish course is the best option.

1. We have over 13 years of experience and we have done the course more than 100 times.

2. Our instructors (native Spanish speaker) are highly qualified to teach Spanish as a second language and our methodology is the Problem-based learning (PBL).

3. The course is intensive, we work morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday, when many other programs only take advantage of half time.

4. We teach international Spanish. That will be useful to work with patients from all parts of Latin America.

5. Our course is specifically designed for future health professionals who are interested in the study, improvement and quality.

6. Costa Rica is an attractive and safe destination which offers an ideal cultural environment for a constructive total immersion experience. Students usually take advantage of weekends to visit national parks, beaches, mountains, rivers and volcanoes, which make the experience more educational and exciting.

7. We offer very interesting PLUS such as the evidence based introduction to tropical medicine, an overview of the Costa Rican health system and a trip of 3 days and 2 nights to Tortuguero, an exuberant tropical destination.

8. We care about your safety and wellbeing, we provide support and guidance in all aspects and we adapt to student’s specific interests.

9. The program fee is very competitive internationally and to travel to Costa Rica is easy, fast and affordable.

10. Your academic experience with us can be recognized and get credit for it because IHCAI Foundation is recognized internationally and maintains an institutional relationship with a large number of universities and organizations in North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Download the Program’s PDF Description: Prospectus Program IHCAI P010A_2011

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Medical Spanish Course:

This is an intensive Medical Spanish course, designed and taught by highly qualified instructors. It has a four week duration. The objective of the program is to ensure students, physicians, physician assistants, pharmacy students, nurses and others health professionals to learn and practice the fine points of communicating with Spanish speaking patients, while obtaining important clinical and procedural skills. The standardized simulated patient model allows the student to interact with community members, using their Spanish, refining their medical knowledge, and practicing their interviewing technique making emphasis on clinical history. The student will be granted 4 to 6 credits and will receive a Medical Spanish Certificate and Introduction to Evidence Based Tropical Medicine after the course is completed.


Introduction to Evidence Based Tropical Medicine:

The students will have lectures and discussion sessions about the best available scientific evidence about  four more common “Tropical Diseases”: Malaria, Dengue, Chagas, Visceral and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and Snakes and Tropical Insects poisoning and anti-venoms. It will include discussions about the Socio-economic determinants of the Tropical Diseases better to be known as the “ The Diseases of the Poor “.

Enfermedades tropicales

Trip to the Caribbean Rain Forest:

The tuition include a trip to Tortuguero National Park in the Caribbean cost of Costa Rica of 3 days and 2 nights.
Transportation, lodging and meals are included. We use the best tourist complex in the area: Pachira Lodge.
A tropical medicine seminar at this stage is completed.