Visa and other nessesary documents to enter Cuba


The passport must be valid for 6 months from the departure of your flight. It must be conserved until leaving the country; and in case of loss you must inform immigration immediately to obtain a duplicate payment of the corresponding fee.


The tourist visa is one of the mandatory documents to enter Cuba if you do not have Cuban residence. The airlines will verify if your documentation is in order before allowing boarding. The price of the visa is usually around $ 30. In general, most tourist packages include a visa valid for 30 days. The name and surname of the visa must be filled out exactly as they appear in the passport. The visa allows a maximum stay of 30 days, renewable for 30 days more for the purpose of pleasure or recreation, you can not obtain a visa for other travel reasons. For more information contact the embassy or consulate of your country.

Exhibitors or participants with a passport from the United States of America, need a special visa that must be requested to the government of Cuba and the United States. To obtain this visa you need at least 2 months in advance. For more information, please contact Dr. Pedro Mas Bermejo by email at IPK Cuba at this address 

Health insurance:

From May 1, 2010, it is mandatory to have a medical insurance to enter Cuba, since you must present the policy in customs to enter the country. There are many companies that offer these services at quite affordable prices. If you arrive without medical insurance you will be obliged to contract a policy with the state insurance company Asistur.

Return air ticket:

You must have an air ticket out of Cuba. Real accommodation address: It is necessary to provide a real accommodation address (hotel or legal house).