IHCAI contributes to the Treatment of COVID-19

In order to contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic that seriously affects the global community, IHCAI Institute, as the headquarters of the Cochrane Center for Central America and the Caribbean, Cochrane Iberoamerica in 2020 in association with the DIME initiative, launched a selected information repository with full access and quick assessment by the editor body. The DIME program and IHcai partnership have been canceled since July 2021 We recommend using reliable information prepared by Cochrane Iberoamerican to guide both pharmacological and non-pharmacological decision-making for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

Please visit https://bit.ly/3p6UHAD

Successful conclusion of the February 2018 session of the medical Spanish course

With a representation of seniors medical students from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, King’s College London and The Ohio State University College of Medicine we held a successful session of the course in February 2018. In addition to increasing their skills to conduct a medical interview in Spanish and study relevant aspects of tropical medicine, students had the opportunity to learn about general and particular aspects of Costa Rican health system.