How to Apply

1. Read

Read the description and general information about the program carefully at: Programs

If you need additional information please contact us at:

If you are sure to apply for the program, please go to the next step.

2. Apply

You will find the application online at the first line of each program at Programs.

Be sure to write your email correctly. We can not contact you with a wrong address.

Be sure to send your application when you are finished. You will find the “Send” button at the lower part of the application.

When you submit the application, a message should appear immediately says: Thanks! Your information was send succefull.

You should receive a confirmation response by email within the next 24 hours. The information in that email should be read carefully. It contains the instructions to continue with the application process: A prior deposit is required, and, in some cases, the submission of documents is mandatory.

If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, a problem has occurred. Please contact us at:

3. Deposit

In this step, there are differences in each program, and it is necessary to secure your spot.
The confirmation response gives the instructions to make a previous deposit that can be $250
or $300, depending on the program. This deposit will be made easily and totally safe mode by
PayPal online with your credit or debit card. Subscribing to PayPal is optional to make this
deposit. The PayPal system automatically generates a receipt for your deposit, you must keep
it for your security. After making the deposit you will receive an email from IHCAI confirming
the receipt of the funds. If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours, please contact
us at:
Only Central American students who apply for the P017B program have a different process
that is explained in the interview to which they will be cited.
Note: Please be aware that this is not a registration fee, it is an initial deposit of the Tuition
Fee. The amount you previously deposit will be debited from the total cost of the program at
your arrival.
Is PayPal safe?

IHCAI deposit refund policy reads: IHCAI Institute will refund $150 only when cancelations are
done at least one month before the starting date. Applicants may postpone the rotation dates
without any extra cost up to one year after the initial application date. New dates are subject to
space availability.

4. Documentation

In all cases a copy of your airline ticket will be requested. For clinical rotations it is required by
the Costa Rican health system. It is always necessary to properly coordinate your airport
The required documentation for P010A & P07 is:
Recommendation letter from an academic tutor of the university, or/and official evaluation

The required documentation for P01 – P03 – P06 – P08 – P017A to present to the Costa Rican health system are:
Personal Resume. (In Word format, in Spanish and with a picture of your face)
Copy of your passport identification page.
Record vaccine.
Copy of personal health insurance coverage (a photocopy of your policy) – Your personal
health insurance must cover you in Costa Rica and for the duration of your rotation. If you don’t
have we recommend an international travel health insurance plan with HCC Medical Insurance
Services under the following link: International Insurance Products
Copy of your MD certificate. (Only for residents in P08 program)
You can scan all or take a picture. Make sure they are legible.
The documents should be submitted to:

5. Travel

Two weeks before your arrival in Costa Rica you will receive an email from IHCAI staff with
your housing information and airport transfer instructions. If you do not receive this information,
please contact us at:
We provide airport pick up and drop off 24/7.
When you arrive at the airport in Costa Rica, we do not recommend changing money at the
airport bank, the exchange rate is very inconvenient. Near your house there are banks even
open weekend.
Useful information for your travel at: Advise

6. Payment

The remaining of the Tuition Fee and the total of the Accomodation Fee you paid at arrival in Costa Rica.

Your host family will be taking you to IHCAI Foundation facilities the first working day of after your arrival. This is for you getting familiar with the public transportation and directions to IHCAI Foundation facilities. During the first day IHCAI Foundation staff will be providing general and useful information about the program and the country, safety instructions and you will be completing the registration. IHCAI Foundation staff will be taking you to the bank to assist you with the currency exchange and money drawing. Please bring your original passport with you.

During this visit to the bank you will make a deposit to the IHCAI Foundation bank account using your credit card or debit card. Visa and  MasterCard are welcome. You can also use cash. American Express are not welcome.

Do not bring personal checks or travelers checks!