P017A: Nutrition and Rural Medicine in Latin America for Senior Harvard Medical Students in Costa Rica

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Clinical rotation program for senior medical students at Harvard Medical School

For Senior Harvard Medical Students. Electives Catalog ME 518. This rotation is designed to give the student the opportunity to participate in the activities of the health team from the first to the third level of care of Costa Rican Health System (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social – CCSS). In the first level, preventative services are emphasized, including immunizations, maternal child services, prenatal care, growth and development of children, nutrition, community education, community sanitation and environment, as well as continuity of care in cases chronic diseases. In the third level the experiences vary according to the specialty.

Any HMS students request must be discussed and approved by the Director Course, Nicte Mejia, MD, MPH. Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School (nmejia@partners.org) and/or Kari Hannibal (kari_hannibal@hms.harvard.edu), program managers at Harvard Medical School.

The P017 program prospectus applies as a description for this program, it is available at: Prospectus

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