Programs – Costa Rica

The following programs are offered by IHCAI in Costa Rica. For all clinical rotations, a fluent command of Spanish is essential. If you need to improve your medical Spanish, we highly recommend you consider the P010A program that consists of an intensive Spanish medical course.

Make sure you have read the information on How To Apply.

Medical Spanish Courses

Our medical Spanish courses are designed for students and professionals from various health

  • Medicine and its specialties
  • Physician Assistant
  • Nursing
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacy

We have 20 years of experience teaching medical Spanish, we use our own pedagogical materials,
all our instructors are native Spanish speakers from Latin America and are high-profile. If you are
interested in learning or improving your Spanish to use it as a working tool in a really intensive
course, this is the right place.

Clinical Rotations

All our clinical rotation programs are carried out in the Costa Rican health system. They may have an emphasis on primary care or the third level of care. Fluent Spanish is required to participate in these programs. The student meets many goals beyond the clinical. She practices and improves her medical Spanish in cultural immersion and can get to know Costa Rica’s health system and social reality in depth. Students who participate in this program also participate in academic and social activities led by IHCAI staff.